Looking to buy your first property? Planning on adding to your investment portfolio? If you have an apartment in the pipeline, it’s important to make sure you have a professional inspection carried out – after all, apartments can often harbour just as many issues as houses.

Melbourne’s most accurate and reliable apartment inspections

Melbourne West House Inspection carries our comprehensive apartment inspections, ensuring your potential purchase is free from any unforeseen issues. We check for the following:

  • External structural issues with the apartment block
  • Internal issues – all rooms, walls, floors etc.
  • Pests – particularly termites
  • General site inspection – we can take a look at any communal areas within the apartment block

In addition to providing pre-purchase checks, we also offer new apartment inspections. In recent times, a large number of new flats have been built throughout Melbourne in order to keep up with the housing demand. This being the case, many people who are looking to buy are attracted to these new buildings – in many cases, they are not all that much more expensive than flats that are ten or twenty years old.

Gain peace-of-mind when buying your new apartment

When it comes to buying a new apartment, there’s no need to get it checked, right? Wrong. Many new developments are built very quickly these days, and it’s important to make sure all work has been carried out correctly. We can check your new purchase, ensuring all work has been carried out to the necessary standard and sizes. If there are issues, they can then be rectified by the builder before you complete the handover – as opposed to creating problems a few years down the track!

If you are searching for a company that offers pre purchase and new apartment inspections, Melbourne West House Inspection can provide you with complete peace of mind. With professional, qualified inspectors and affordable rates, there’s no better choice.

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