New and Existing House Inspections for Melbourne Home owners

Building or buying a house is incredibly exciting. Budget permitting, you can build or buy the house of your dreams, just as you want it – from the number of bedrooms to the outdoor entertaining area! When it comes to building or buying a house, you can also rest assured that there are no structural or maintenance concerns – after all the home is new, right?

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. While new homes and existing should be free from any defects or issues, this is not always true. Many new homes are built in accordance with very strict time constraints in this day and age – just take a look at those new housing estates that seem to pop up over night! With this being the case, it is important to make sure you have a professional new home inspection carried out before you move in.

What’s involved?

There are many aspects of a building that can shift, fail, warp, degrade, or otherwise suffer defects over time. For this reason, it’s important to take time with an inspection and ensure that every possible point of interest is covered. When undertaking existing and new home inspections in Melbourne, we look at a variety of things including (but not limited to):

  • Significant nearby trees
  • Outdoor structures like fences, gates, arches, arbours and sheds
  • Wall condition, alignment and soundness
  • Brick/weatherboard/render condition and surface integrity
  • Roof condition and watertightness
  • Insulation and roof lining materials
  • Flashings, guttering, downpipes, and other stormwater drainage installations
  • Soundness of stumps, bearers, floor joists, and the slabs themselves
  • Ceiling alignment and condition
  • Moisture/salt damp risks around floors
  • Installation quality of doors and fixtures
  • Water flow of taps and shower heads

We’re happy to share our inspection list/guides with you before the day, and also to make note of any areas you’re particularly concerned about.

Trust us for independent expert advice

At Melbourne West House Inspection, we are able to check over your existing and new home prior to hand-over, ensuring everything is built and finished off to the specified standards. Making it clear to your builder that you intend to have an inspection carried out, also ensures they are aware that the quality of their work is being monitored. Existing and new house inspections should be carried out before you hand over that final payment to the builder or vendor; after this time it can be harder to convince them to rectify any issues.

Our qualified, experienced inspectors will carry out a comprehensive check, ensuring everything is in order. If any issues are found, we’ll prepare a clear report for your builder or agent which outlines what needs to be fixed/amended. These issues should be taken care of by your builder or agent before hand-over is completed.

Searching for a company that offers pre purchase property assessments plus existing and new home inspections in Melbourne? With more than 20 years of industry experienced, we’re your first port of call – book today.